Calling all makers in Los Angeles

Welcome to the San Fernando Valley Mini Maker Faire, presented by Hackerspace Los Angeles and with the support of the Los Angeles City Councilwoman Martinez of the 6th District.

For those of you who are new to Maker Faire, it is the largest celebration of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) in the world. Maker Faire is a venue for inventors, technophiles, artists, crafters, mad scientists, hackers, musicians, and anyone who makes cool things and want to show others how it’s done. Our Faire is the most diverse in the world, and we invite you to participate in teaching and learning for all ages and interests! If you have an awesome project to showcase, share at the San Fernando Valley Mini Maker Faire.

The San Fernando Valley Mini Maker Faire is not a competitive science fair or art show. It is a fun event where over 100 makers will gather to share their creations with each other and the public.

All presenters and their team will receive complimentary passes (3 total) for the event. In certain cases, depending on the originality and size of the work or presentation we may offer to offset the cost of bringing your idea to the fair. We have a limited space and we anticipate a great number of applications being submitted. Originality and interactivity are the top two criteria we will use in selecting projects for the event.

Hope you can participate in this event and help us make this event an annual tradition for you and Los Angles in general.

We look forward to your participation!

Call for Makers Application


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